XHWMS Warehousing System
XHWMS Warehousing System
BBGO develops XHWMS warehouse management system with complete self-owned intellectual property rights, which satisfies the requirements of lean operation and individualized management such as single operation, batch management, SN management and monitoring visualization. The self-developed operation and distribution management system fully solves the problem of warehouse allocation. Information data interaction problems, network warehouse data supervision, diversion, online and offline synchronization operations.

Xinhang combines mobile communication, intelligent mobile terminals, barcode scanning, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Warehouse staff can intelligently control anytime and anywhere, and more standardized modern intelligent warehouse management system.

What is a smart warehouse management system?

It is more than traditional warehousing management system to emphasize the linkage ability of modern technology, and advocates the use of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies to help warehousing logistics, full tracking management, merchandise warehousing, capital return, etc. can provide detailed data analysis support .

The core content of the intelligent warehouse management system includes five parts: product inbound and outbound, location management, financial funds, and data query. Warehousing construction is an important part of logistics enterprises, and they need to be in contact with each other in business circulation. Therefore, the cooperation requirements for third-party logistics, including logistics companies can provide customers with a variety of data statistics, such as commodity circulation, third-party warehouse management security inventory inspection, location storage and flow information. In fact, using the intelligent warehouse management system, in the management process, the above data and processes will be recorded truthfully, which greatly facilitates the automated management of logistics warehouses.

The deployment of warehousing should be included in the construction process of the intelligent warehousing management system, including return receipt, inventory inventory, delivery check, and warehouse management system.
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